Thursday, October 27, 2011

Faucet Adapter to Clean Paint Roller

The Spinout is an innovative paint roller cleaner that allows you to use a faucet adapter to clean a paint roller. Whether you are inside or outside, the Spinout can connect to any hose or faucet for easy paint roller cleaning. Simply attach the Spinout paint roller cleaner, and insert the dirty paint roller. The Spinout takes care of the rest, giving you a ready to use paint roller in no time at all.

The Spinout takes only 4 steps:
1. Connect The Spinout with the faucet or garden hose adapter to clean the paint roller.
2. Insert your paint roller into the jet-stream of water inside The Spinout.
3. Remove the paint roller once the water is running clear.
4. When the “Spinning” stops, you're ready for your next paint application.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Paint a Room

While the Spinout Paint Roller Cleaner is great for cleaning up your paintbrush roller, you can't get it dirty without knowing how to paint a room. The first step is to make sure that you have all the necessary materials you will need to paint your room. Some things you might need are spackle, indoor primer, indoor paint, paint brushes, paint brush rollers, and of course the Spinout paint roller cleaner. The next step is to clear out everything you can, and to cover everything you leave in the room. This will ensure that you keep paint off of your belongings.

After that you will want to remove things such as doorknobs, handles, outlet covers, light switch covers, etc. so that you do not get paint on them. Next make sure that the walls are clean by removing things like dust and cobwebs. After that, apply masking tape to the edges of areas that will not be painted. Lay down a drop cloth for you to stand on, and apply primer if necessary. After that you are ready to paint!

Make sure you have a great color picked out and start painting. When your paint brush roller gets dirty, or you need to change to a different color, make sure to use the paint brush roller cleaner from Spinout USA. This product will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for you to clean out your paint roller and continue painting.

Paint Roller Cleaner by Spinout USA

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spinning Paint Roller Cleaner

A spinning paint roller cleaner is a great way to clean your paint brush after it has been used. SpinOut USA has made such a product, which allows you to easily clean your paint roller in only a few seconds. For professional painters and beginners alike, cleaning a paint roller can be time consuming and messy. With SpinOut USA's new spinning paint roller cleaner however, these problems are in the past. Need convincing? Take a look at the paint brush cleaner video below and see for yourself just how easy this process can be!

Be sure to call us today to get your paint roller cleaner from SpinOut USA!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Paint Roller Cleaner

With the convenience of a paint roller comes the inconvenience of having to keep it clean.  While the tried and true method of running a paint roller through flowing tap water is a quick and easy solution, it often leaves undesirable results, such as old paint residue mixing in with a fresh, new coat, distorting colors and shortening the overall life of the roller with subsequent coats.  Thankfully, the experts at SpinOut USA have created a paint roller cleaner that eliminates these issues, and is simple to use.

SpinOut's paint roller cleaner is a small device that has made a large impact nationwide.  Instead of constantly rinsing out your paint roller with minimal results, SpinOut's paint roller cleaner completely rinses and cleans out  your paint roller in less than 30 seconds, leaving you with a spotless paint roller for you to use for your next coat.  No more tedious rinsing or ruined colors on paint coats.  Simply attach it to any home faucet or garden hose, run the water, and in seconds you're ready to go.

SpinOut offers it's amazing paint roller cleaner for only $22.95.  In time, the device pays for itself because you'll be saving money on your own or your clients water bill, as you'll drastically reduce the amount of water you will need to clean your rollers for one full day or several days of painting.  Visit Spinout USA for more info, and order today!