Thursday, October 27, 2011

Faucet Adapter to Clean Paint Roller

The Spinout is an innovative paint roller cleaner that allows you to use a faucet adapter to clean a paint roller. Whether you are inside or outside, the Spinout can connect to any hose or faucet for easy paint roller cleaning. Simply attach the Spinout paint roller cleaner, and insert the dirty paint roller. The Spinout takes care of the rest, giving you a ready to use paint roller in no time at all.

The Spinout takes only 4 steps:
1. Connect The Spinout with the faucet or garden hose adapter to clean the paint roller.
2. Insert your paint roller into the jet-stream of water inside The Spinout.
3. Remove the paint roller once the water is running clear.
4. When the “Spinning” stops, you're ready for your next paint application.

So visit SpinoutUsa today to order yours!

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